Sponsorship Opportunities + T&C

  1. Exhibition Booth
    • The complimentary virtual exhibition booth is inclusive of:
      • 4 design templates for selection
      • 3 sets of digital marketing materials space (2 Posters & 1 Brochure)
      • 1 video display, MP4 Format only (720P)
      • One-to-one live chat room with offline drop message features
      • Post-event analytics
  2. Breakout room slot @ Virtual Networking Lounge
    • This is accorded to Platinum sponsor only
    • The breakout room session’s topic is subjected to RSPO’s approval. Sponsor is required to submit a brief outline of the breakout room session topic to RSPO Secretariat for review as this is to ensure the session is aligned to the RT2020 theme and objectives
    • The breakout room session will only open during the virtual Coffee Break and is limited to 20 – 30 minutes breakout room slot
    • The RSPO will not guarantee the participation of Breakout Room session as this will open to all participants and participation is voluntary
  3. Branding Mileage
    • All sponsors are accorded with one (1) digital ad space with the specification of 1920 pixels (W) x 1080 pixels (H)
    • All sponsors’ logo will be display at the virtual lobby, website and on any relevant marketing materials as approved by RSPO
    • All sponsors are accorded with one (1) promotional video airtime slot*
    * Promotional video airtime is 3 min max, video file to be provided by sponsor before 20th October 2020
  4. Complimentary Full Access Virtual Conference Pass
    • Sponsors are accorded complimentary virtual conference passes for RT2020
    • The number of complimentary conference passes are accorded according to the sponsorship categories
    • The full access virtual conference pass provide access to all three days of RT2020 virtual contents
  5. 30% Discount for RT2021 Conference Pass
    • Sponsors are entitled for 30% discounts on next year’s RT2021 conference pass
    • The number of discounted conference passes are according to the sponsorship categories

    To sign up as a sponsor, please download the RT2020 Sponsorship Agreement and send the completed and signed copy to Ms Caroline Yeo. Kindly click on the following links to download the relevant documents.

    For further information on sponsorship, kindly contact:
    Ms Caroline Yeo
    Email: caroline.yeo@rspo.org